My name is Trina VerSteeg Wilcox. I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from Missouri State University. After working as an applications analyst I made the decision to dedicate more time to writing, developing my creative interests, catching up on new media, and becoming an on-air radio host/personality. I have been certified as a fitness professional through FiTour and the Arthritis Foundation, taught aerobics and created the JRA 5K charity race. I have run in the infamous Boston Marathon three times. My other interests include nature, animals, art, fitness, and too many others to list. I hope to use my life to encourage and inspire other lives.

The enthusiastic responses to  my contributions in the Iron Girl newsletters and the articles on my fitness site, Physical Matters, inspired my passion for writing, creating, communicating, and even running. I reference my childhood diagnosis of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis as my “twisted gift”. It has forced me to persevere and overcome challenges that I may have otherwise never faced, making motivation a priority in much of my work.

I am based in the Springfield, Missouri, area.

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