Hospitality and Media

I’ve never really understood why I love being in radio so much. Actually, I love being in media to be more specific. I couldn’t understand the appeal because I’m not really drawn to preforming or even being the center of attention. As I’ve thought more about it, I’ve considered why this might be and other things that I’ve been drawn to. I loved cheering in high school, sure there’s the element of the spotlight but it’s being shared with a squad of cheerleaders and a team of players. A team of players that we get to root for and support. When I was student council in high school, I was on the hospitality committee. This made sense because I liked making others feel important. I loved getting to pass out cards to recognize other students birthdays and make posters for activities and events happening at the school.

As a grown up, I still love rooting for others. I still enjoy mailing out cards and sending spontaneous messages. I think I understand why I love media now. It’s about being hospitable to the audience. Welcoming my guests and supporting others while entertaining the patrons. Finding clarity within is comforting. It helps give us the confidence we need to accomplish goals.

I appreciate this because it give me the assurance I need to create content that I think is important and that you will care about. My content is about championing the underdog and I believe in this mission. It’s my calling to support the chronic community who feels invisible because of their condition. It is my passion to share the music and books that indie musicians and authors have created in spite of a signed contract with a big label or publisher. I believe it’s my goal to support health and wellness for everyone. The station and podcasts has a vision to make strides forward with each mission and with your help it will happen.