Try, Try, And Try Again

A few weeks ago my rheumatologist and I decided to have me try a different medication. After a few months on Xeljanz, I wanted to see if there was something better my RA symptoms. Xeljanz has been fine but I want great. I still have aches that I’d like to see gone. As my doctor has said many times, it is difficult to know what is active RA flares or just damage pain since I’ve had JRA for so long. I am trying an injection called Actemra, or rather, I will try it once it gets here. After three weeks of hassling with insurance it’s still not in my hands. Once I give it a try, I will keep you u[dated. It’s a different class of RA medications and if it doesn’t work then I have probably exhausted my options. I could try different types within each category but I’ll most likely go back to Enbrel if this doesn’t work well. Have you tried different RA medications and settled on one that works best for you?